Thursday, August 1 at 4:00pm
IVY Hotel - Minneapolis, MN

Don’t Miss the 4 Tax Strategies & Investment Secrets that Put You in the Power Position - You’ll Learn How to:


Understand the effects of new tax law and how to maximize earnings while minimizing tax impact



Gain greater ownership of your financial future through the latest in holistic wealth management



Equip yourself with options to transition from pure wealth accumulation to a retirement on your terms



Protect yourself, your loved-ones and your legacy from potential harm with the appropriate coverage

Viewing your financial outlook from a holistic perspective is critical to achieving your goals. We’ve assembled the best and brightest in the industry to show you the strength and secrets of having them work in concert. From accounting and financial planning to investment management and insurance, our panel of industry leaders will give you the inside track on how you can benefit from a holistic approach and take greater ownership of your future.

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Opens at 3:30pm – Seminar Begins at 4:00pm

Learn from Industry Leaders

Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

President & CIO,

Nepsis, Inc.

Nikki Rohloff

Nikki Rohloff


Roach Associates CPAs & Consultants

Darryl Chouinard

Darryl Chouinard


Innovative Income Strategies, LLC

Chris Steffl

Chris Steffl


MVP Service Soutions

Chuck Etzweiler

Chuck Etzweiler

Chief Research Officer,

Nepsis, Inc.

Mark is responsible for the firm’s strategic vision, research and trading decisions. His experience in the hi-tech and financial services industry dates back to 1986 and since then, his fervid passion for portfolio management compelled him to develop the unique back-to-basics investment philosophy. Mark will be sharing his investment management tactics and insights on ways to maximize your portfolio and new holistic financial approach strategies.
Committing to consistently have one on one interactions with clients in order to help reach their goals, Nikki is dedicated to ensuring her clients’ financial success. By caring about clients on a personal level while bringing structure and solutions to issues, she has been able to help countless business owners continue to be passionate and successful at what they do. Nikki is an expert accountant and will be sharing vital financial strategy that will help minimize tax damage across the board and discuss how to leverage wealth into a dream retirement.

*Nepsis, Inc. and Roach Associates CPAs & Consultants are unaffiliated businesses and do not share revenue.

Darryl Chouinard, Financial Consultant and CEO of Innovative Income Strategies, LLC draws on over 23 years of wide-ranging experience across the financial services industry as he assists a diverse clientele that includes CPA’s, business owners, professionals, seniors and families. Taking his familiarity with the industry and his exposure to a variety of clients, Darryl’s financial tips and secrets from years of experience will help you seize the Power Position.
Christopher Steffl, a founder of MVP Service Solutions, primarily focuses on helping advisors grow their book of business through training and education programs. Utilizing his experience in combination with his background in finances, Chris will provide attendees with the knowledge they need to know how to appropriately prepare themselves, loved ones and legacies from potential harm.

*Nepsis, Inc. and MVP Service Solutions are unaffiliated businesses and do not share revenue

With more than twenty-five years of investment industry experience, Chuck directs the on-going research efforts of Nepsis, much of which help both advisors and clients understand the philosophy and strategy of Nepsis, Inc. in a deeper manner. With his extensive experience and financial perceptiveness, Chuck is the ideal moderator to lead our panel discussion!

Achieving the power position isn’t an easy endeavor – but our panel will show you how. Our seminar is designed to teach investors how to maximize their earning potential, minimize their tax impact and invest and plan like a business owner.

*Nepsis, Inc., Roach Associates CPAs & Consultants, and MVP Service Solutions are unaffiliated businesses and do not share revenue.

Hors d'oeuvre & Refreshments Mixer Immediately Following

The road to taking greater ownership of your financial outlook is the only one we want you on, so let us make the path to attending easier to navigate – here are directions to our venue!

Where: Hotel Ivy

201 S 11th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403

When: August 1

Starts at 4pm - Doors open at 3:30pm


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