Nepsis Capital's 2015 Stock Market Predictions

January 7, 2015 10:11:00 AM

ConstellationsSuccessful investing does not come from following the right predictions, it comes from following the right principles.

Welcome to 2015! I am sure that many of you who read this will have already heard the countless predictions from Economists, Money Managers and Financial Advisors as to what they think will happen in 2015.

Therefore, like years past, we have once again come up with our Top 10 Predictions for 2015!

Of course, some may ask, Why do you provide predictions because frankly, most people don't take the time to look back and see whether they were accurate or not?

Well, that's a legitimate point! However, as we have written for many years, we believe many investors have what we refer to as Addiction To Predictions.

Understand, we believe predictions really are meaningless when you make investment decisions based on a long-term flawless Investment Philosophy & Strategy. Additionally, by adding Flexibility and Transparency to the investment process, an investor has much greater Clarity in their investments and decisions making futile predictions meaningless.

For those investors who have missed out on great opportunities in 2014, there is great news for you!

First, companies' stock prices historically have, and will continue to go up and down on a regular basis.

Of course, a stock market correction of 10% to 20% right now would be ideal for long-term investors as it would potentially provide the opportunities to buy into great businesses at lower prices!

Second, although stock prices go up and down during short periods of time, well run companies continue to invest and execute on their business plans, potentially providing patient investors the opportunity to participate in their success over time.

We fundamentally believe investors should invest like a business owner... long-term and with patience!

So, without further delay, below are our 2015 stock market predictions!

1. Once again as in years past, most predictions on where the S&P 500 will end 2015 will be wrong with another year leaving long-term investors with the potential consequence of missing out on great opportunities.

2. The stock market and more importantly, individual companies' stock prices will continue to move up and down irrationally, causing many investors to be fearful and not take advantage of long-term opportunities - As usual!

3. There will be tremendous opportunities in 2015 to buy into great companies for the long-term at lower prices for those who think like a business owner and not a stock market trader - Thank goodness!

4. Timing the stock market and stock prices will continue to be very difficult - That's nothing new.

5. Investors' continued desire to focus on short-term portfolio performance will distract them from making intelligent long-term investment decisions - Too bad, hindsight is always 20/20.

6. Some investors will make investment decisions based on emotions and not a structured Investment Philosophy and Strategy - Thank goodness! Smart investors call that, Investment Opportunity!

7. Investors will buy stocks or sectors that were considered op picks for 2015 and sell too soon once again focusing on short-term returns.

8. Investors will attempt to compare their portfolios' returns to other investments or benchmark returns, not realizing they have no idea what they are comparing or how to compare - The usual lack of Investment Clarity!

9. Investors will continue to view investing as participating in the Stock Market and not view their investments as investing in businesses.

10. Once again, many investors will focus on predictions, be frustrated by predictions and be frustrated that they were wrong!


As you can see by our predictions, once again, we did not go out on a limb! This is because we believe that while many people love hearing predictions, it is not the predictions that make up a successful portfolio. It is the principles applied to investing that assist in managing a successful portfolio.

As we enter 2015, investors need to be ready for the unexpected. Why? Because the unexpected happens every year. Yet, it is the unexpected along with the fear investors show during these unexpected periods that create the great opportunities for long-term, business owning investors.

Invest With Clarity™!


Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

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